Sell with Us

Handmade House has been selling fine craft for 50 years. We are always interested in reviewing new work by Saskatchewan makers.


Below you will find our review process. If you hae any questions, please email us at and we will let you know the date of our next review meeting and answer any questions you may have.

 Apply Here Using our Application Form.

We only accept work done by Saskatchewan makers that reside in Saskatchewan.


Our process:

Handmade House takes work on consignment at the current rate of 60% for the maker and 40% for Handmade House. We have an agreement which is signed if the work is accepted.

There are 12 working members who meet regularly and examine potential consignment craft. The group decides what will be accepted.

Our criteria for review includes:

Quality of the workmanship, attention to detail, finishing

Fit with the craft we already have in the store - we may already have a good volume of a certain type of craft. However, we are always looking for new, innovative and exciting craft to attract the interests of a variety of customers

Whether or not we think the item will sell


We do not accept the following types of work:

Products with any type of scent/odour (eg. soaps, lotions etc)

Consumables or edibles

Items assembled from manufactured pieces (e.g. beads strung into a necklace) or anything which is partially or fully made from a kit. Jewellery must be 95% handmade

Type of items often seen at bazaars and flea markets, anything assembled from perishable materials (e.g. pinecone wreaths, crocheted dishcloths)

Items that will not withstand display and handling

Paintings or photographs - we have very limited wall space

Work must be the original handmade product of the maker.

It must not include material that may be copyright.