Gallery Show

For many years Handmade House has offered Saskatchewan artists the opportunity to showcase their work in our gallery. The exhibit changes every 2 months. Drop by and have a look!

To Have and To Hold - Matina Morton

To Have and to Hold is a
small collection of atmospheric fired pieces by Matina Morton. Whether it is flowers, household items, or a warm cup of tea; we all have things that need to be held and handmade pottery is Matina’s favourite way to
hold them.

Selected Works from the Exhibit

All works in the gallery are for sale at our

Broadway store. Selected pieces available online.

About the Artist
Born and raised in Saskatoon, Matina Morton has been surrounded by art
her entire life. As a teenager she took pottery classes and excelled in
art at school. Life and space got busy and she left pottery to work,
raise a family, and many pets. While life was busy, art projects were
always a big part of her life, especially crafts with children! Many
hours were spent with a friend and children in the willow patch
collecting sticks for making chairs and baskets. When Matina’s youngest
child was finishing high school, she returned to pottery at the
Saskatoon Potter’s Guild and very quickly made a decision to work at
pottery full time.
Having no formal art education, Matina’s learning experiences have
combined her love of travel with numerous workshops in Canada and
internationally. For the past nine months Matina has been involved in
what will be a year long mentorship program called Clay Cohorts with Liz
Lurie as her mentor. She has taught pottery classes at the Saskatoon
Potter’s Guild and Saskatoon Clayworks, but prefers teaching one on one
rather than larger groups.
When Matina is not in her studio she loves to cook, garden and spend
time walking her dogs. With a large family spread out all over the
world, visiting children and grandchildren more often than not involves
travel and enjoying exotic places with the people she loves.